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Anti-Vigilante Organized Stalking

                                                    Community based harrassment is a grown up version of school yard bullying. Multiple individuals within a community participate in the harrassment and stalking of a single indvidual. Rather than attack a person physically, techniques are used to attack the person psychologically.

                                        Groups that particpate are organized vigilante,cult style right-wing hate groups. Unfortunately, to make matters worse these groups are

protected by police officers who are actually members of right wing extremist groups. Of coure not all police officers particpate,but rather than expose one of their own officers who are members or know these groups personally, they will remain silent. The officers who do particpate will go as far as making a victim appear insane or mentally ill to shut them up,and destroy that persons credibility so no one will be able to defend themselves. They do this by using the power of law enforcement, and taking a person against thier will, to a hospital that will give them a psychiatric exam. Corupt psychiatrist also lie, and cover up the crime as well. Now that they are powerless,noone will listen. Further destroying the targeted indviduals reputation. 


Operations and Neigbor participation

                               OPERATIONS/ NEIGBOR particpation and Tri-angulation

Once a persons is targeted for whatever reason in the groups agenda, neibors around the perimeter of the victims home or apt are contacted. Lies are told to destroy the persons reputation, and neibors are told to set up surveilance 24/7.  Once the targeted individual leaves his residence neigbors contact the group by cell phone or home phone,and the group begins pursuit. They will follow a person on their way to work and harrass
the person while driving to work. He will be cut-off and sorrounded by many group members, they will also find a way to have the person harrased at work by his own coworkers, who are also told the same lies. When he leaves work he will be followed, and stalked back to his home and further harrased.

Vigilante's destroying constitutional rights

                       EXPOSURE IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THEM.

Peterborough newspaper article/ see News Article(top L)

                                               Operations of Extremist groups have been kept a secret for quite some time. Thanks to dedicated anti-vigilante pioneers, tactics and operations can become exposed, hopefully educating the victims and familys so they can fight back.

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                                   Gangstalking a Real Issue for the 21st century